International Transfers

International Transfers is a low-cost foreign exchange solution that enables members to transfer money internationally through online banking. International Transfers can accommodate a number of your needs, including:

  • sending money to friends or family who live overseas
  • supporting a family member who is travelling overseas
  • paying for a wedding abroad
  • paying for overseas medical expenses
  • paying for accommodation/luxury holidays overseas

Members have access to international money transfers through online banking, anytime they want and from any device. The service provides convenient 24/7 access, access to live rates, transfer sent directly to the recipient’s account, and there are no deductions (ever) on the transfer amount.


How do I make an international transfer?

Make a transfer in three simple steps: 

  1. Complete your one-time registration through online banking to get started.
  2. Add your recipient, so we know where to send money to.
  3. Book your international transfer.

What is the maximum and minimum transfer amount?

You can transfer as much as $25,000, or as little as $10.

How do I keep track of my transfer?

Your transfer will appear in your transaction history in online banking in real-time. You’ll receive an email notification when the transfer has left your account and when it arrives at the recipient’s account.

When can I make international transfers?

Anytime, anywhere. 

How long does the transfer take?

Quick next-day delivery in North America and up to two business days everywhere else.

How safe is my transfer?

Protection of your transfer is with AES 256-bit encryption, automated identity verification, anti-money laundering procedures, automated online checks, advanced anti-fraud safeguards and insurance coverage - all through a FINTRAC-regulated entity.

What are the exchange rates?

With live pricing, you get the real exchange rate—every time.

What are the fees?

An International Transfer fee of $5.00 will be applied for the transaction from your account. If the transfer is less than $500 (CAD), an additional $2.50 fee applies.

How do I know how much the recipient will receive?

With our guaranteed transfer amount, what is sent is what is received—there are no deductions ever.

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How to make Online International Transfers