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LDCU 75th Anniversary Video

Ladysmith & District Credit Union 75th Anniversary from LDCU on Vimeo.

Love our Heritage account? Be ready to love it even more!

We have re-branded our 60+ account from Heritage Chequing to MORE than FREE Senior Chequing. What does this mean for Heritage members? A new account name and No Monthly Service Package Fees!

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LDCU Commercials!

Looking to better your lifestyle? LDCU Offers MORE Than a Mortgage! For child education, retirement, or even home renovation! Great flexibility to help you realize your goals!

LDCU Mortgage Helper from LDCU on Vimeo.

Looking to better your lifestyle? Why rent when you can own!

Check out our very first commercial featuring our innovative new product, "MORE Than a Mortgage". Great flexibility to help you realize your goals!

LDCU "MORE Than a Mortgage" from LDCU on Vimeo.

Historic Grand Opening for Oyster Bay Development

e-Transfers - Activate your account today!

LDCU now offers e-Transfers! Contact us today to activate your account for free so that you can transfer money directly to anyone with an email address or phone number.

Interac e-Transfer is rapidly becoming a preferred method in Canada for customers to send and receive money between accounts. With the speed, convenience and security of Interac e-Transfer, your customers can transfer money directly to anyone with an email address or phone number — a valid email, or mobile phone number and a Canadian bank account are the only requirements.

Unlike other transfer options that can take several days to complete and route funds through stored value accounts, an Interac e-Transfer is executed directly between accounts at financial institutions, which happens within minutes.

Key benefits

  • Send and receive money from a desktop computer or web-enabled mobile device
  • Transfer money instantly to anyone with a Canadian bank account, using only an email address or mobile phone number
  • No account information is exchanged between senders and recipients
  • Recipients are notified by email or text message when a transfer has been sent

For more information from Central 1 (Your Credit Union’s Credit Union), see

Protect your accounts with Text Alerts!

At Ladysmith & District Credit Union, we understand that you want to be aware and in control of your finances at all times. Whether you want to monitor changes in account balances, receive proactive notifications about suspicious or fraudulent activity, receive updates about security features or general online banking activity, with MemberDirect® Alerts, you can monitor account movement effortlessly.

Key benefits

With MemberDirect Alerts, we can notify you with text messages (SMS) or emails of the following types of activity:

  • Balance alerts flag insufficient funds or when account balances drop below a predefined minimum
  • Transaction alerts are sent when predetermined limits have been exceeded on deposits or withdrawals and notifies when bill payments could fail
  • Security alerts detect account activity such as the addition of a new bill payment vendor, or if a customer’s Personal Access Code has been changed

How to signup

Simply login to Online Banking, click on Messages and Alerts on the left, and select Manage Alerts to enter your contact information and select your preferred alert options. Alternatively, you can view our detailed instructions for more information.

For more information from Central 1 (Your Credit Union’s Credit Union), see

LDCU Launches e-Statements

Ladysmith & District Credit Union is pleased to announce the inclusion of an "e-Statement" option when producing the member's monthly statement. Beginning June 2012, members can "opt-out" of receiving paper statements in the mail, and choose instead to view their statements online. This option not only allows more instant access of information to the member, but also saves the $2.00 statement fee which is included in most banking packages.

For Ladysmith & District Credit Union, this option serves as another way to provide quality service while enabling the organization to reduce its environmental impact.

Simply look for the e-Statement option when signing into MemberDirect® Internet Banking, and change your statement preference today!


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