Rules & Policies

Like all governing bodies, the Ladysmith & District Credit Union Board of Directors are guided by a number of important policies. As a credit union, LDCU has a set of formal rules. The rules and some of the most important policies include:

Credit Union Rules Expand/Collapse

Ladysmith & District Credit Union and its Board of Directors must act in accordance with the Credit Union's Rules.

Our Rules govern how the Credit Union operates. They are based on strong governance principles and take into account the Acts under which we function: The Financial Institutions Act and the Credit Union Incorporations Act. The Rules are reviewed at least biennially by the Board of Directors and any recommended changes must be approved by the membership by way of a Special Resolution vote at a duly constituted Annual General Meeting. Prior to approval by the membership, any amendments must first be approved by our regulators, The British Columbia Financial Services Authority, (BCFSA). Once approved by the membership, the amended Rules are then submitted to the Registrar of Companies.

Credit Union Rules

LDCU Market Conduct Code Expand/Collapse

This policy outlines the standards of conduct imposed by law, provides guidelines for honest and ethical conduct and offers guidance to help directors recognize and deal with ethical issues that may arise during their tenure, and defines conflicts of interest that may arise and how conflicts must be disclosed and managed.

LDCU Market Conduct Code

Complaint Handling Policy Expand/Collapse

This Policy ensures that problems and complaints initiated by Members, Account Holders, or Customers are handled with the utmost respect and care, whether they are related to a product, service, advice or process.

LDCU Complaint Handling Policy

Complaint Handling Process Expand/Collapse

At Ladysmith & District Credit Union, (LDCU), we value our members’ and customers’ business and our goal is to manage complaints and resolve problems effectively and transparently in a manner that is appropriate for both LDCU, and the affected Member, Account Holder, or Customer. It is understood that the individual raising the issue may not always be satisfied with LDCU’s response.

The following procedures outline the steps to take when a problem or complaint has been brought forward by a member or customer.

LDCU Complaint Handling Process

LDCU Complaint Information and Resolution Form Expand/Collapse

This form is for completion by individuals who have a concern/complaint regarding an interaction with LDCU/LCUI or LDCU Financial Management. In addition, this form can be completed by those who have already been in contact with LDCU staff and have not had their complaint resolved satisfactorily. At LDCU we welcome your feedback, and we look forward to working with you on a resolution!

LDCU Complaint Information and Resolution Form