BC Services Card

LCU Insurance Agencies can now process the new BC Services Card, your free replacement of the provincial CareCard. Come any time during our regular office hours with 2 pieces of ID, such as your driver license and current CareCard, and apply! (See the ICBC website for full details on ID options & requirements.)

The new BC Services Card is designed to make it easier for BC residents to access provincial government services. Most will be able to use just one card:

  • As a CareCard
  • As a driver's licence
  • To access services that need a photo ID

Of course, nowadays staying safe includes keeping personal information secure. The BC Services Card takes advantage of modern card technology that provides better security features.

Plus, using ICBC's existing identity proofing and renewal processes will keep everyone's personal information more secure and help prevent fraud like identity theft or misuse of government services.

Security features built into the BC Services Card include:

  • a card expiry date
  • anti-forgery features
  • a chip
  • a photograph (for adults)

These features are designed to ensure that services are delivered to the right person and that only authorized service providers are given access to your personal information.

Please visit the Province of BC website more detailed information on the BC Services Card.


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