Lines of Credit

Personal Lines Of Credit

A Personal Line of Credit allows you to write your own loan as your life requires it. You can access your funds anytime by withdrawing up to your approved credit limit. You pay interest only on the amount you borrow, and you only have to apply once. When you pay off your line of credit it automatically renews itself, so the money's there when you need it.

Our Personal Lines of Credit:

  • give you the flexibility you need
  • can be fully secured or unsecured
  • come with no administration or standby fees

Whether you need extra cash for traveling, renovating, car repairs, big purchases or to act as a cushion when your funds are running low, a Personal Line of Credit from LDCU could be the best solution for you.

How to apply

Please contact our friendly and experienced lenders for more information or apply online to get started on your Line of Credit application right away.

Line of Credit Checklist