Annual General Meeting

Due to ongoing concerns with larger gatherings, LDCU's Board of Directors has made the decision to host our 77th Annual General Meeting virtually for the 3rd year in a row.

In 2021, our 76th AGM was held virtually and was attended by a record of 171 members and 5 guests, participating online from Victoria to Campbell River. This reinforced our belief that a virtual meeting would provide more accessibility for our members. The feedback for this 2nd consecutive virtual meeting was incredibly positive, with most in attendance saying it was informative and rewarding.

We ask that you carefully review the details outlined below in order to make your individual experience better, and please rest assured that LDCU staff are here to help should you have any questions or concerns in the days leading up to your AGM.

  • We have selected the WebEx digital platform for our AGM as it will allow members in attendance to vote using their computer or tablet, and the voting results will be displayed on the screen for everyone to view
  • Ensure you have the most recent version of WebEx installed on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play, or downloaded from the WebEx site:
  • Members who wish to participate (vote, pose questions, etc.) are required to register NO LATER than 4:00 pm (Pacific Time) on May 9th, 2022
  • Registration is by unique email address, therefore, once an email address has been used to register, it cannot be used again
  • Multiple individuals under a household using one registered email address will only count as a single member as part of the quorum and therefore, a single vote (a secondary registrant will be required to create their own email account and register separately)

How to Register

  • It is important for each participant to register for a unique meeting link as there will not be a generic meeting ID for this WebEx session

  • Once you register, you will receive an email that states your registration request has been received and is pending approval according to Article 1.3 of the Credit Union's Rules

  • After your registration has been approved, you will receive an email notifying you of the approval. This email will contain your unique meeting link and password

  • Please do not share your unique meeting link publicly

  • Registration opens April 12th, 2022 and closes at 4:00 pm on May 9th, 2022. This registration period allows staff to verify membership information for voting privileges ahead of the virtual AGM

  • Members who require a printed copy of the Annual Report are asked to send requests to as soon as possible

  • Downloadable (digital) copies of the Annual Report and Financial Statements are available on our Corporate Reports page

  • Members are encouraged to pose questions prior to the Virtual AGM by:
    ▪ Emailing question(s) to
    ▪ Phoning into our Contact Centre
    ▪ Staff will verify membership and record questions in order for them to be posed during the AGM

  • The WebEx session enables verified Members in Good Standing to vote and pose questions during the Virtual AGM
    ▪ WebEx technology provides the capability for verified members to communicate their question(s) within the session via messaging/text and/or by via a telephone queue that is managed by staff during the session

  • Members who are signed in for the entire meeting will receive a $75 gift certificate to support a local establishment!

AGM Agenda

Estimated Meeting Time: 1.5 hours

  1. Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the 76th AGM
  2. Business Arising out of the Minutes
  3. Director's Report
  4. Credit Committee Report
  5. CEO's Report
  6. Auditor's Report
  7. Special Resolution
  8. Election of Directors
  9. Remuneration of Directors
  10. Appointment of Auditors
  11. New or Unfinished Business
  12. Good and Welfare