ICBC Fleet Insurance

Fleet rating

Great discounts are possible on your Autoplan premium by insuring your fleet of five or more motor vehicles. Fleet discounts also come with an optional payment plan and further reductions for large fleets. All vehicles must be insured for commercial or business purposes only. Please note: not all fleets are eligible for a discount.

Insure a fleet of vehicles, and you may get up to 63 per cent off your premium. A fleet rating is optional for owners of five to nineteen motor vehicles, and mandatory if you own 20 or more motor vehicles.

What are the benefits?

By insuring all of your vehicles under a fleet plan, you may:

  • Earn higher discounts up to 63 per cent.
  • Buy specially-priced coverage for eligible vehicles, like the RoadStar package or Replacement Cost Coverage if your fleet has a 40 per cent discount or higher.
  • Have all your policies expire on the same date for easier administration.
  • Take advantage of ICBC's payment plan to spread payments out over the year and still make mid-term changes to the coverage.
  • Have access to your own fleet's claim reports.

How are the rates set?

Discounts or surcharges are based on the cost of at-fault claims of all the vehicles in the fleet over a three-year period. The lower the cost of at-fault claims your fleet has, the greater your premium discounts.

Large fleets can earn money back

If your fleet has more than 200 vehicles or your insurance premiums are $100,000 or more in a year, you could be eligible for ICBC's retrospective rating program. If your fleet achieves and maintains a high standard of safe driving, up to 35 per cent of your premium may be refunded the following year. It pays to make safety a priority! To find out if you are eligible, talk to your Autoplan broker.